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CranioSacral Therapy


Decreases Mental Stress, Decreases Pain associated with:,Alleviate  Neck and Back pain, Reduce Migraines, Post-injury and surgery recovery, Depression, Parkinson’s, Non Invasive

 CranioSacral Therapy includes gentle, non-invasive, hands-on techniques performed when an Aliyah Specialist manually applies subtle movements of the spinal and cranial bones in an attempt to bring the central nervous system into harmony.Our sensitive central nervous system is encased in three layers of connective tissue collectively called the meninges (separated into layers of dura mater, pia mater and arachnoïd mater).

These layers run from the brain through the cranial bones and continue to travel along all of our vertebral bones through to the sacrum, or tail bone.The neurological material (brain, spinal cord) live within these three layers.

Cerebrospinal fluid cushions the three layers of meninges as it surrounds the actual brain and spinal cord.The cerebrospinal fluid moves around the brain and spinal cord causing hydraulic pressure which acts on the vertebral column and cranial bones. This creates subtle changes in the positioning of your cranial and vertebral bones, much like synovial fluid does for all of your body’s skeletal bones.Each cranial bone connects to its neighboring bone by interlocking gears called articular bevels. Therefore, the individual movements of each bone has a significant effect throughout this chain of cranial bones. The chain continues into the spine as well as the network of soft tissue stemming throughout the body, bound together by the web of connective tissue, or fascia.Aliyah Craniosacral Therapy harmonizes pressure on the nervous system by normalizing the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. This is achieved by aligning your cranial bones and allowing the articular surfaces of these bones to move fluidly, further promoting an unrestricted fascial chain.Through light and subtle pressures, your Aliyah Therapist will assess your cranial bone movements to determine any and all restrictive forces.

The Aliyah Therapist will continue with precise, calculated positioning to encourage more congruency in the articulation of your cranial bones.Aliyah Craniosacral Therapy works directly with the deep and intricate connections of soft tissue, joints, and viscera (organs) of the body. Our body’s many components including our muscles, bones, arteries and veins are connected through an intricate network of connective tissue that span throughout. This connective process started during fetal development in the womb prior to becoming recognizable as babies.Suffice to say, the subtlety of a restricted cranial bone necessarily has tremendous global effects on our body’s ultimate efficiency in movement, digestion, respiration, and more.

Head Massage

Aliyah Craniosacral Therapy is often accompanied by peripheral joint mobilizations and Myofascial Release Techniques.

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