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Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is extremely effective for the healthy breakdown and realignment of the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue relating to all musculoskeletal conditions in acute, sub-acute and chronic stages. Improper posture patterns and physical activity lead to build up of adhesions (scar tissue) over sustained periods of time. Deep musculature erosion due to dysfunctional postural compensations and adaptations result from unhealthy demands on the body. As such, the body alters normal movement and increases tension along circulatory and neurological passages.  The goal of the Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage Therapy primarily focuses to decrease muscle tone, correct body posture and release muscles from chronic pain to achieve full musculoskeletal balance. An Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage follows similar protocols in technique as the Aliyah Rehabilitative Massage, however, the pressure is generally more intense and focused. Your Aliyah Massage Therapist is armed to release chronic muscle tensions and adhesions. The intensity is progressive and respectful of the physiologic flight path of muscle and connective tissue networks, always maintaining the integrity of each tissue and subsequent pain receptors. Slower and deeper techniques are employed to promote longer lasting benefit. Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage is beneficial for the restoration of elasticity to your muscles and connective tissue. This elastic property is paramount for the maintenance of its protective and motile responsibilities Muscle and connective tissue are found throughout all arteries and veins, as well as all visceral systems of the body including the lungs, digestion, and kidneys.

  • Deep pressure should result in what we like to call “sweet pain”.  If the pressure causes pain that becomes uncomfortable or causes you to hold your breath, it is most likely too much pressure.  Our Aliyah Massage Therapists will check in with you throughout the treatment, but you should always feel free to communicate to your therapist if you would like the pressure adjusted.

  • Releasing chronic knots and tension that have accumulated over time is best achieved with an integrated program that includes regular Aliyah Massage Therapy treatments, exercise, posture analysis, and relaxation techniques.  Thus, it is important to remember that increasing the pressure and pain will not necessarily lead to eliminating knots in one treatment. Think about how long it took to get into your current situation. Nothing sustainable was ‘built in a day’. As such, your body will most likely not be ‘rebuilt’ in one session. Each treatment acts as a building block upon which we help you to return to more normal function.

  • Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage Therapy works in conjunction with Aliyah Myofascial Release Therapy and Aliyah Trigger Point techniques. These techniques can also be added into any Aliyah Massage, Aliyah Pregnancy Massage or Aliyah Sports Massage

Benefits of an Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Treatment:

  • Relief of chronic pain

  • Increase in range of motion

  • Recovery from sport and overuse injuries (whiplash, sprains, strains)

  • Recovery from repetitive strain injuries (tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome)

  • Alleviate pains due to postural dysfunction, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle tension/spasm

  • Help restore normality to the breathing apparatus by using deep tissue releases on the diaphragm and the accessory musculature of respiration

  • Helps with normalizing scar tissue from injury or surgery

Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is extremely effective for the healthy breakdown and realignment of the deeper layers of muscle.

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