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  • How often should I get a massage?
    Great question! It really depends on your body situation. If you have regular, chronic aches and pains, ideally, you should go for treatment at least twice per month. At the very least, your body needs a full tune-up once a month. Akin to taking your car into the auto body shop for regular oil changes, carburetor and brake inspections, our bodies need regular massage therapy maintenance including breaking down of soft tissue compression from wear-and-tear (repetitive strain/overuse), increasing of ranges of motion in our joints and decreasing of pain and swelling. If you have more acute and sub-acute injuries, massage therapy can be an important cog in expediting the healing process on a more regular basis, for example, more than once a week, depending on the injury.
  • Should I shower before a massage?
    It is best to come clean to your massage therapy treatment as it benefits both you the client and the therapist. A warm/hot shower also helps to decrease the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight response) and warms the body tissue, making it more effective for the therapeutic massage to work its magic. It is also better to experience your massage treatment after a workout helping the body recover more effectively.
  • Is massage therapy regulated in Quebec?
    Massage Therapy is not a regulated profession in Quebec.
  • Are massages worth the money?
    Massage Therapy is highly recommended and definitely worth every penny. A therapeutic massage treatment can greatly benefit all aspects of life including huge benefits on one’s physiological, psychological/emotional, and spiritual components.
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