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Thai Yoga Massage

Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy is a healing art fusing the diaphragmatic breath response, yoga and massage therapy. Conceived in Thailand dating back several millennia, the science of Thai-Yoga Massage conceptualized and defined the human body into energy channels called ‘sen’ lines. Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy has spun its modern version of this ancient concept through a comprehensive physical and energetic treatment protocol focusing greatly on your respiratory response.Our Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage treatment focuses on joint mobilizations, soft tissue stretches, deep tissue release, and acupressure trigger point manipulations along the network of your body’s energetic ‘sen’ line topography, integrating diaphragmatic breathing techniques. Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy is founded by the principle that all life depends on movement as it relates to biomechanics, ranges of joints and tissues, mobility of visceral structures, respiration, chemistry (metabolism), and internal energy (chi).Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy fuses these fundamental principles throughout each treatment. Your Aliyah therapist will apply deep, sustained pressure along your ‘sen’ lines which creates great fluidity for local muscular metabolism as your soft tissues release.

Our focus is to provide a cohesive emphasis on creating space to open your joint spaces through precise mobilizations that subsequently result in a healthier environment for surrounding structures of soft tissue. This will enable you to feel much comfort to take on the demands of movement of everyday life.

As the Aliyah therapist focuses on long chain muscular stretches and ranges of motion, the internal organs of your body will have more space and adhere less to one another in order to govern their respective responsibilities. This results in augmented, positive effects on digestion, respiration, circulation, and overall robust health.

Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy places a tremendous emphasis upon the quality of your breath during treatment.  Long, deep and controlled respiration is fundamental to the practice. Your Aliyah therapist will set the pace and tone through diaphragmatic techniques as you breathe together throughout the treatment. As the collective breath deepens, your body calms down, undergoing a shift from a stressed state (sympathetic- fight and flight response) to one that is relaxed and light (parasympathetic-rest and digest response).

Stress of daily life forces us to overemphasize our accessory muscles of respiration straining our chest and neck musculature. As such, we rarely feel the benefit of full oxygenation throughout the body. This may lead to temporary tingling and numbness, particularly in the outward extremities of the body (arms, hands, legs, and feet).

Osteopath at Work

Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy is an excellent modality to build the diaphragm muscle and educate you for optimal efficiency of respiration.

At Aliyah, your systems have greater mobility, heightened fluidity, and you will feel lighter, clearer, and more fully rejuvenated.
Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy is performed on a floor mat.

We can also adapt this treatment through performance on a massage table for clients with reduced mobility. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing during treatment.

Benefits of Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy include:

  • Heightened sense of relaxation (increase Parasympathetic Nervous System response)

  • Decreased tension in your muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and joint spaces

  • Increased circulation

  • Relief from stiff joints

  • Augmented Breathing Capabilities

  • Stronger Core Strength

  • Better posture

  • Experience better sleep

  • Better digestion

  • Overall feeling of youthfulness and vitality

thai-yoga massage

Aliyah Thai-Yoga Massage Therapy is a healing art fusing the diaphragmatic breath response, yoga and massage therapy.

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