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Aliyah Advanced Techniques Training Program

For the aspiring massage therapist and anyone looking to augment their skill set, Aliyah offers a series of advanced training in massage therapy.

  • Advanced Techniques – Module 1 Hips to Head: The Prone Perspective.

  • Advanced Techniques – Module 2 Hips to Tarsals: Posterior & Anterior Perspectives.

  • Advanced Techniques – Module 3 Abdomen, Thorax, Pectoral Girdle, Arms, Anterior Perspective.

  • Advanced Techniques – Module 4 Skull, Cervical Spine, TMJ.

Course Description:

  • These advanced techniques courses focus on palpation, massage techniques, fascial based techniques, lymphatic drainage techniques, therapist biomechanics, client positioning and pillowing, therapist-client communication and management in the treatment setting.

Course Objectives:

  1. Refine and expand on current massage techniques by increasing your massage tool belt, decrease the risk of therapist body breakdown, & learn to physically and emotionally benefit from the massage therapy you practice.

  2. Introduce therapists to more advanced techniques for general and specific systemic fluidity with optimal transitions.

  3. Emphasize and further develop the connection and communication with clientele through multiple levels of touch.

  4. Understand and apply specific draping techniques.

  5. Prioritizing your treatment plan, learn effective methods to be specific within a global perspective.

  6. Fluency of 4 principles of GST within your treatment protocol.

  7. Fluency of 3 Planes & 3 Axes of the human body for optimal efficiency of biomechanics.

  8. Advanced Palpation Skills of Anatomy and Physiology.

The goal is to build and enhance the foundation for a full body treatment including specific focus for particular injuries, disorders, issues.

For further information please contact Aliyah at 514-448-1484 or

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