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The Single Most Powerful Benefit of Massage Therapy

Over the years, massage therapy has gained considerable credibility for the health benefits it can provide.

For example, massage increases your circulation, helps to remove toxins from the body and can also increase your energy levels, rehabilitate musculoskeletal imbalances, decrease restrictive tissue adhesions and scar tissue, among many other positive effects.

However there is one primary benefit that trumps all the rest…

“Massage Therapy relaxes you!”

While this fact may not be novel to you, what is important to understand is that when we are not ‘relaxed’ which for many people is most of the time, we are in fact ‘tense’. When we feel tension in our bodies, it is because we have experienced or are experiencing some form of stress either on a physical, mental or emotional level, or all of the above.

If left untreated, stress can become a catalyst for serious illness. Thus, is vital that tension (on all levels) be alleviated as quickly as possible, allowing a return to a healthy, relaxed and ‘stress-free’ state of being.

Many people are aware that massage therapy is effective in alleviating tension and stress in the ‘physical’ body, but in truth, the effects on quieting the mind and calming the emotions are also equally profound. This is because all levels of the person (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are interconnected and therefore affected positively by the massage treatment.

In these busy times, it seems that ‘stress’ is a part of everyday life. So now more than ever we need to be pro-active in ‘managing’ our stress levels through a balanced lifestyle, i.e. healthy diet, regular exercise and, of course, regular therapeutic massage treatments.

“Could you use a little more ‘balance’ in your life?”

Come for a treatment at the Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre. The world standard in massage therapy rehabilitation.

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