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Aliyah Massage Therapy
For Acute, Sub-acute And Chronic Conditions.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

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I could not have imagined the profound effect and astonishing results. Pains that I have had in my lower back and hips gone. It is almost unjust to call it a "massage", sort of minimizing the potential of it all.

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Our Services


Back Massage

 Aliyah Rehabilitation Massage

Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage.jpeg

Aliyah Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage on leg

Aliyah Sports Therapy

Aliyah Pre-natal.jpeg

 Aliyah Pre-natal

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Myofascial Release Therapy.jpeg

Myofascial Release Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage.jpg

Lymphatic Drainage


Reflexology Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy.png

CranioSacral Therapy

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Back Massage

Corporate Massage Therapy Wellness Program

Imagine healing your mind and body from injury due to trauma and overuse in your chair at your own workspace at the office.  Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre’s corporate service is an excellent form of preventative and restorative health care.

Productivity Seminars

Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre offers customized in-office wellness seminars that help you and your employees increase work productivity by teaching you how to de-stress at the workplace.

Our Seminars cover topics that teach your employees how to: function most effectively at their workspace

Head Massage
Neck and Shoulder Massage
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For the aspiring massage therapist and anyone looking to augment their skill set, Aliyah offers a series of advanced training in massage therapy.

These advanced techniques courses focus on palpation, massage techniques, fascial based techniques, lymphatic drainage techniques, therapist biomechanics, client positioning and pillowing, therapist-client communication and management in the treatment setting.

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Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre is on a mission to further establish and develop massage therapy as an integral component of healthcare and a primary complement to traditional western medicine. With our vast academic knowledge and practical skill-set, the Aliyah team of highly trained professionals are armed to treat any acute, sub-acute and chronic body injury due to overuse or trauma.


Aliyah Massage Therapy Services serve as beneficial cogs in your healthcare wheels by greatly reducing pain and subsequent swelling, increasing the ranges of motion of your joints, normalizing the proper functions of your affected areas, and strengthening & stretching your healed tissue areas.

Level 1
Aliyah Massage Therapist

30 mins  - $65
45 mins - $85
60 mins - $100
75 mins - $120
90 mins - $140
120 mins - $180

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Level 2
Aliyah Massage Therapist

30 mins  -  $75
45 mins - $95
60 mins - $110
75 mins - $130
90 mins - $150
120 mins - $200

Level 3
Aliyah Massage Therapist

60 mins - $140
75 mins - $170
90 mins - $200
120 mins - $260

Price List
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