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Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy

Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy deals with the release and balance of individual and groups of muscles pertaining to the particular sport in order to restore the body to its ultimate function.

Each sport and athletic event uses muscle groups in different ways. Strategies for preparation and recovery are unique to the individual athlete.

Our Aliyah Sports Massage Therapists are highly qualified and trained in the many physical demands placed on the active body. Our massage therapy treatment standards at Aliyah rank the highest in our industry and we are armed to treat any sport injury from trauma or overuse in all phases of acute, sub-acute and chronic needs.

Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy has become an integral component of the athletic regimen.  A growing number of trainers believe that massage therapy can provide a heightened, competitive edge to athletes participating in high performance sports.
Aliyah Massage Therapy is your primary centre for the recovery process during sport activities helping you to enable optimum musculoskeletal growth and efficiency.

Our qualified team regularly treat professional and recreational athletes for preventative and restorative measures of the training regimes.

  • All activities require healthy body tissue efficiency. Running, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, racquet sports, martial arts, strength training and aerobics are a few activities by which you can benefit from regular Aliyah Massage Therapy treatments.
    Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy is integral to any sport activity performance at all stages.

  • As a preventative focus, Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy prepares the muscle tissue for the physical demands placed on the athlete. Throughout performance and training, Aliyah Therapy relieves muscle tissue fatigue, while cleansing toxins that build in the muscles after prolonged use. As tissue congestion builds through repetitive movement, ranges of motion and circulatory pooling may occur, causing pain and residual swelling. Aliyah therapies aim to decrease your recovery time after your activities, relieving muscle tension, joint pain and restriction that may eventually lead to injury.

  • We can compare our body performance to that of your cars, bicycles, or other modes of transportation. All machines must undergo routine service maintenance in order to ensure optimal performance. The ultimate machine, your body, needs regular service maintenance as well for optimal health and performance. At Aliyah, we recognize that the gift of the human body is the most important ‘vehicle’ in which to service.

  • Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy is highly beneficial for augmented mental clarity for the athlete. With our focus on pain prevention and restoration, increased range of motion, tissue strength and flexibility, the athlete in you is freer to elevate your athletic prowess.

  • Straining through pain is antithetical to genuine, body tissue health. The ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality will always compromise the integrity of the tissue performance of your body over time. The Aliyah Team of Massage Therapy is armed to treat and educate you through the process that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Techniques employed throughout Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy treatments include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

  • Myofascial Release Therapy (targets the connective tissue surrounding every muscle fiber)

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Friction Therapy

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Advanced Stretch Protocol


  • Relief of Chronic Pain

  • Increase in Range of Motion

  • Recovery from sport and overuse injuries (whiplash, sprains, strains, tendonitis)

  • Recovery from repetitive strain injuries

Used by:

  • Hockey players

  • Basketball players

  • Athletes recovering from injury

  • Multi-sport participants

Aliyah Sports Massage Therapy deals with the release and balance of individual and groups of muscles pertaining to the particular sport.

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